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Travel Tips: The Best Note Taking Apps for Syncing on the Road

Posted on: September 10th, 2015 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

limo service st louisNothing is more frustrating than you have things pop in your head at the last minute or while on the road. Especially when traveling, there is no opportunity to hunt for a pen and paper to record your thought. Instead of losing your idea, capture it by using a mobile application for note taking that can be synched to a phone, computer, or tablet. Here are our best travel tips for the easiest, most convenient note taking.

Top Six Recommendations

While there are many more applications for synching than the six provided, each of these are ranked as superior and therefore well worth consideration.

  1. Evernote – For Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Windows, and Mac, this application is ranked as the best on the market. Although the basic service is free, a premium version is available for a nominal fee. With the upgrade, you can utilize offline editing, enhanced searching, larger uploads, and more. 
  1. SpringPad – This note taking application is for Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as Kindle and Online. This particular application is more visual, meaning you can capture ideas and do actions through images, as well as text.
  1. Simplenote – If you use an Android, iOS, Mac, or Kindle, this note taking application is a good choice. Without bells and whistles, the application is extremely easy to use for taking notes, reviewing note history, and conducting quick searches.
  1. Google Keep – Designed for use on Android and Chrome, this Google note taking application is exceptional. Using the application, you can quickly keep track of notes, photos, reminders, to-do lists, and much more. In addition, the application synchs up with Google Drive.
  1. Intellinote – While many note taking applications lean more toward personal use, this one is ideal for business. Designed for iOS, Intellinote users can share questions and answers, project goals, and task assignments. Although the application is free, you will have access to various enterprise solutions and a team of professionals who can assist when needed.
  1. AudioNote – For Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, this note taking application is perfect when driving. Audio note can be recorded or drawn/typed in. On a single page, you have the ability to type detailed information, record a phone call, and draw visual reminders. You can choose from a free version or for just $4.99, purchase the premium version. If preferred, you even can set AudioNote to back up notes to iCloud or Dropbox.

Easier Note Taking

In addition to using a note taking application, you should consider hiring a professional driver from a reputable limousine company. For business, having a chauffeur allows you to be more productive while on the road.

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