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Does wearable technology have a place in Business Travel?

Posted on: April 18th, 2017 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

wearable technology

Employees who are traveling frequently will need a way to remain in contact with company headquarters. Mobile devices are a common way to do this, but wearable technology will further broaden the ways in which field agents can remain connected. This is especially useful for those who are in professions where they need access to instant information, such as emergency services personnel, attorneys, real estate agents, rural doctors and sales professionals.


More Productivity

One of the challenges of sending employees on business trips is that the time spent away from the office detracts from the amount of work that employees are able to perform. Even something as simple as answering emails while riding in a limousine service in St Louis will improve the productivity of your company.


Employee Monitoring

Wearable technology is an effective way to monitor the productivity of employees. GPS can allow for employers to know how quickly technicians arrive at a destination and can also know the amount of time that is spent at a destination, for example. Wearable technology could even be used as a way for businesses to monitor how employees interact with customers. However, using technology in this way may raise concerns of privacy.


Fewer Misplaced Devices

One of the advantages of wearable technology is that it increases the chances that an employee will always have the technology with him or her. If the technology comes in the form of a watch, this is much less likely to be lost than a mobile device. Since mobile devices can provide access to company secrets, since the device often contains login information and may have downloaded company files stored on the device, anything that can reduce the risk of a mobile device being lost or stolen will benefit a business that sends employees to travel.


Better Repairs

Google glasses are being worn by technicians in the field to allow for problems to be solved quickly by guiding technicians through complicated repairs. The glasses also allow for the work performed by traveling technicians to be examined for training purposes, so that it can be ensured that the repairs that are being performed are up to safety standards.


More Sales

Sales representatives can also benefit from using Google glass by having the interactions with prospective leads recorded along with the reactions of these potential customers. This allows for companies to develop more effective training programs and provide feedback. As representatives are sitting in a St Louis airport shuttle, they can also gather information on the prospective lead to be better prepared for a more effective sales pitch. Sales representatives are also able to make quick updates with only the slightest interruption.

Wearable technology will not necessarily be useful for all traveling professionals, especially for those who only occasionally need to access company servers or the web. Under these circumstances, a mobile device will suffice. Also, for employees who may need to perform heavy typing, a laptop may be preferable. But wearable technology can undoubtedly boost productivity and be of general help in everyday activities.

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