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Why You Should Book a St. Louis Limo Bus (Now!)

Posted on: June 8th, 2020 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

St. Louis Limo Bus

The average American hosts 7 parties a year. If this sounds like you, then you’ll know that not only will you host 7 parties annually, but you’ll also attend a ton more! For this reason, you need to make your events stand out against the rest. So why not consider renting a limo bus? Here are all the reasons why you should book a St. Louis limo bus now!

You Can Ride in Style

One of the biggest and best reasons to get a St. Louis limo bus is because you can ride in style!

Sure, you can transport your event attendees in your normal cars, but that’d be quite boring. If you really want to kick it up a notch and really make it a night to remember, then limo buses are definitely the way to go.

These vehicles are large and elegant, which will catch everyone’s eyes on the road. Everyone will look back on the night fondly, remembering how you traveled in style.

You’ll Save Time

Are you planning on doing things like barhopping, but don’t want to bring your own vehicles? Then you might be planning on getting taxis or rideshares to each venue.

But you know how it goes. You book a taxi, it takes forever to get there, and then you have to repeat the whole process again at each place. In the end, you waste a bunch of time standing around doing nothing as you wait for your ride to get there.

With a limo bus, you’ll have the same driver and vehicle for the entire night. When you and your group are ready to get from one place to the next, all you have to do is get into the limo bus, and your driver will take you to your next destination.

Plus, if you think you’ll save time and money by bringing your own cars, then think again. Not only will be it be hard to find parking spaces, but you’ll also have to spend money at each parking lot. When all of this is added up, going for a limo bus is less of a hassle, plus it’ll cost less in the long run (check out the next section to see why).

You’ll Save Money

It may not seem like it, but by hiring a nice limo bus instead of using taxis or rideshares will be more cost-effective. This is especially true if you have lots of people in your party. You’ll be able to split the cost of the limo bus across more people, which means it’ll be much more affordable in the end.

So while the cost of a limo bus seems very expensive upfront, take a moment to factor in how long you’ll need it for and how many people will be using it. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised when you find out the rate per hour split across multiple people!

It Can Impress Clients

Maybe you’re not using professional transportation services for party purposes, but instead, for business ones. In this case, it can still be a good call.

Let’s say you have a new client you want to impress, and you’re trying to close a deal. If you show up in a nice limo bus, it can be quite impressive, whereas turning up in a taxi, rideshare, or even your own mediocre vehicle can leave a subpar impression.

When you’re trying to create a long-term relationship with clients, it can be worth the investment made on a flashy limo bus.

It’ll Be Safer

When you hire a professional driver, they’ll have the proper training and licensing to drive in a manner that’s as defensive as possible. This means they’ll be prepared for any type of emergency situation, such as an erratic driver in front. And if there are any medical emergencies, they’ll know how to keep their cool and get your party to the nearest possible hospital quickly.

But how else will hiring a limo bus be safer? Find out more below.

There’s No Need for a Designated Driver

If you’re having a bachelor party or some other fun event, you’ll probably need at least a few designated drivers if you’re taking your own vehicles. This can be a bummer for some, as they’ll have to stay sober for the entire night.

Not only that, but they may end up being pressured to have a drink or two. The next thing you know, you won’t have any sober DDs anymore, and this can put everyone’s safety at risk when you’re on the road.

When you have a limo bus for your event, you completely eliminate this worry. Everyone can have fun without putting yourself in danger.

They Understand How to Navigate the City

To be a professional driver, you have to know the city intimately. This means professional chauffeurs know where the bad neighborhoods are, as well as which parts currently have any construction or unsafe conditions going on.

If you try and drive your own event attendees, you may inadvertently put yourselves in hazardous situations. But when you leave the driving to an expert, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Book a St. Louis Limo Bus for Your Next Event

As you can see, a St. Louis limo bus can add quite the special touch for any event. Not only will you be able to travel in style, but you can also do so safely and without having to pick a designated driver if you’re all drinking.

By having your personal driver and vehicle for the night, you’ll be able to party all you want, with little to no risk for everyone involved.

Do you want to get a party bus limo for your upcoming party? Then request a quote from us now.

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