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You Have Arrived! The Great Benefits of Hiring an Airport Car Service

Posted on: August 11th, 2020 by Corporate Transportation No Comments

airport car service

The current value of the airport shuttle market in the U.S is $1.1 billion.

Airport car service firms help travelers connect different destinations with ease. They direct foreigners in the right direction and save them from the frustration of dealing with traffic.

It’s, therefore, advisable to use the airport car service, whether you are traveling to St. Louis for business or a holiday. Here are the main benefits you can enjoy by hiring the service.


Town car service in St. Louis airport guarantees maximum safety to the passengers because it’s operated by experienced drivers and chauffeurs. These drivers undergo comprehensive training programs, as well as refresher courses to enhance their driving skills. They also use their knowledge to avoid accidents.

Besides, these cars have customizable safety belts that provide extra safety. The vehicles are also well insured, meaning that they fully comply with the set rules and regulations regarding airport transport services.

Therefore, you will not have to worry about your safety when in the car. If you are traveling for business, you will have enough time to hold your vital business discussions in the vehicle, knowing that you are all safe.

Cost Savings

Many people associate private airport cars with high costs, which is not true. You may save some money by hiring a private vehicle compared to using public means of transport.

The cars have bigger boots that allow you to store your luggage conveniently. This means that your goods reach your destination safely, even when they are perishable.

Also, airport cars have fixed pricing methods. The charges remain the same irrespective of how long you stay on the way. The fixed pricing allows you to plan well, and reduce the inconvenience of paying more on the road.

You may find the cars more affordable if you book with your friends, families, and business partners. You can share the cost among yourselves, and save even more.

If you are on a tight budget, confirm the price of the car service first. Compare different providers to get the best deals. You may be lucky to get discounts, and other price offers if you become a regular client, or hire the car on certain occasions.

Local Drivers

The last thing that you would wish to encounter is to be driven by a driver unfamiliar with the routes. This is not the case with the local airport shuttles as they only hire local drivers.

The professionals understand all the routes to the neighboring cities in St. Louis airport. They also understand the shortest routes to reach your destination.

Also, they can escape traffic in the area with ease, and even advise you on the best directions to take when you alight. For convenience, confirm that the driver has been using that route for long and is familiar with the area.

Comfort and Convenience

Airport car service in St. Louis offers comfortable and luxurious rides. Just like limousines, the cars have comfortable adjustable seats to enhance the comfortability of the passengers. Also, the vehicles have classy engraved hardware and incredible interior décor. 

Some cars have entertainment features to keep the passengers comfortable and entertained throughout the journey. 

The comfort and relaxation features come in handy when you have just alighted from the flight, and you’re still tired. You can relax in the car and even refresh your mind before you alight and continue with the other activities.


Airport cars allow travelers to enjoy maximum safety. For instance, you may hire a car with your friends, family, or business partners and hold essential meetings. You can also carry out vital activities which you may not be able to do when using public transport.

The airport cars come in many types. Some cars are big and well tinted to provide maximum privacy. So if privacy is of the essence to you, it would be helpful to choose cars that guarantee the utmost confidentiality. 

Variety of Cars

As mentioned earlier, there are many types of cars operating in St. Louis Lambert airport. These brands include Mercedes, SUV, Hummer, Cadillac, Lincoln, and so on.

The wide variety means that you can choose the best car of your choice according to your budget, needs, and personal preferences. 

Also, each type of car has unique features that enhance comfortability and convenience. The bigger vehicles with high leather seats and great entertainment systems might be pricier, but the comfort is all worth it.

Find out the type of cars available for the airport transport service, and choose the best for your needs.

Excellent Customer Service

It’s the wish of every customer to be treated well, and that’s what airport transport service firms do. They understand that people alighting from planes are usually tired, and they need a warm reception. 

The car service providers offer incredible pick-up service at the airport and direct you to a comfortable place to rest. After that, they approach you to confirm where you are going and which route you would like to pass through.

They then inform you of your options according to the information you give them. You might also receive snacks and some drinks during the trip to help you relax and cool down.

The excellent customer service, combined with the comfortable rides, will make you enjoy your trip!

Ideal for Harsh Weather

A private airport car is an excellent escape from harsh weather. The vehicles are serviced after every trip, and this makes them reliable. They can rarely get stuck on the road, unlike the public service vehicles.

Besides, they can drop you to your home compound or destination, meaning that you will not have to walk or wait for long to connect with another vehicle. Therefore, you can always turn to airport cars when the weather looks harsh and unfavorable.

Book a Reputable Airport Car Service Firm

The above benefits for airport cars have led to the growth of many transport firms. The multiple options may easily confuse you, especially if it’s your first time booking the service. For convenience, work with a reputable airport car service firm. 

When you book wisely, you will enjoy the above benefits and much more. You will also save time and money and reach your destination without hassles.

Corporate Transportation offers luxurious corporate transport services in St. Louis. Our extensive fleet of cars receives clients from St. Louis airport and takes them to their destinations within the city. We understand our clients; thus, we offer customized services to meet our clients’ VIP requirements. 

Contact us to learn more about our services and book a trip with us.

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