Reserve a Party Bus in St. Louis

Your Guide to Party Bus Rentals

There are few occasions in life that can’t be improved with a party bus. Limo coaches are the perfect solution for safe group transportation for bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday parties, sporting events and more! You and a dozen of your closest friends can enjoy an evening of on-demand luxury transportation, without any need to worry about designating a driver, or finding a parking spot downtown. Best of all, the party starts the moment you step into your coach, and ends when you’re chauffeured safely home.

What are the Most Popular Reasons to Rent a Party Bus in St. Louis?

Options for using a St. Louis party bus are only as limited as your imagination! Any event in the greater St. Louis area that you’ll be attending with a large group is a prime candidate for party bus transportation. While requests can vary significantly, some of Corporate Transportation’s most common requests for this service include:

St. Louis Party Bus Amenities

Corporate Transportation’s party bus options offer a state-of-the-art passenger experience, complete with comfortable luxury seating, high-quality sound systems and a mini-fridge. Passengers can enjoy the local expertise of their professional Chauffeur, and the freedom to determine their own itinerary during the course of their hourly service. Additional food and beverages can be included upon request.

Party Bus in St. Louis FAQ

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and there’s no better way to gather your friends together and enjoy the greater St. Louis area than with the help of a luxury coach rental. If you’re considering renting a party bus in St. Louis for your upcoming event, or just because, the following reflect some of the questions we receive most often from our clients:

Is there a limit to how many passengers can hire on a bus?
All of our options have strict limits on how many passengers can be accommodated, which range from 10 to 25 passengers. Corporate Transportation is also able to provide options for larger groups, too. Your Chauffeur will ensure that you remain within this limit during your event to protect the safety of you and your friends.
Can I drink inside?
As long as everyone in your group is 21 years or older, you are free to responsibly enjoy alcohol in the back of your party bus.
Are party bus rentals for all ages?
Absolutely! Party bus rentals are a fantastic option for teens, including birthday parties, graduation, and proms. Parents can enjoy knowing that their teens are safe riding in chauffeured transportation at a lower price point, if you choose to split the bill with other parents. We do require an adult chaperone on all parties consisting of passengers 18 and under. In accordance with Missouri state law, Corporate Transportation strictly prohibits any alcohol consumption in the bus when underage individuals are present
Can I make a custom soundtrack for my event?
All of Corporate Transportation’s St. Louis party bus rentals come equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems. You’re welcome to provide a soundtrack for the evening – simply mention your interest in providing music to your VIP event specialist, and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.
Do I need to know my itinerary in advance?
Corporate Transportation’s St. Louis party bus rentals consist of hourly service which means that you and your friends are free to decide how you’ll spend your evening out. Whether you want to pre-game at a bar before heading to the stadium, or hit up a series of the coolest clubs in town, your Chauffeur will be happy to accommodate your requests.
How much do St. Louis party bus rentals cost?
Probably less than you think! Reserving a luxury party bus in St. Louis can be a surprisingly affordable way to tour the city, attend a professional sports game or enjoy an evening out – especially when you calculate how much you’re saving on individual parking fees or cab rides between venues!

Hourly minimums and fees can vary depending on the size of your group and the night of your event. Your quote from Corporate Transportation will be an all-inclusive glimpse of your final bill, which means it will include vehicle and Chauffeur costs, your fuel charges, and the gratuity for your driver. Some minor additional fees could be incurred to cover parking costs.

You’ve Earned a Party Bus in St. Louis!

We know that life can be busy and hectic, which is all the more reason to enjoy a night out with your closest friends. It makes sense to use a St. Louis party bus for your upcoming event – every member of your party can enjoy themselves safely, without a risk of drinking and driving. Your group can spend more time together, without having to coordinate rides or find parking spaces. As an added benefit, your evening out is yours to use as you please, whether you end up hitting 2 or 8 VIP nightclubs, bars, or other venues. There’s no better way to spend time with your friends in the greater St. Louis area than with a luxury party bus rental from Corporate Transportation. To learn more about our St. Louis limousine service packages, call (314) 423-1516.