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St. Louis Limos for Prom Night

Limousine Service in St. Louis for Prom

St. Louis Party Buses and Chauffeured Transportation

Prom night is one of the most special events in a teen’s life. Seniors and Juniors get to spend an evening feeling like a Princess or Prince, before graduation, college, and other major milestones. There’s no better way to reward your high school student than with safe and luxurious limousine service in St. Louis for prom night transportation. Teens love the fact that they get to spend the evening being chauffeured like a VIP, while parents can rest assured that their teens are safe in the hands of an experienced professional.

Benefits of St. Louis Limo Service for Proms

It’s an unfortunate reality that prom night is one of the most dangerous nights of the year to be on the road. Even if your teen is responsible enough to avoid drinking and driving, others won’t be so wise. Less-experienced drivers can find themselves at risk simply by being behind the wheel. The key to a successful and memorable prom night is safety, and there’s no better way to ensure that your teen will arrive home after a magical evening than with limousine service in St. Louis. Corporate Transportation’s drivers have extensive training in defensive driving techniques to ensure that everyone remains safe.

Parents will love the look on their teen’s face when a sleek, luxurious St. Louis limo or party bus arrives to chauffeur their student to the dance. Chauffeured transportation provides a safe and fun environment for your teen to party with their friends, with the added benefit of being a great backdrop for photos.

FAQ About Teen Limousine Service in St. Louis

The key to any successful event is careful planning, and setting ground rules for the evening. Every parent wants to know that their teen will be safe, and teens want to feel that they’re being given freedom to enjoy the experience. Limousine service in St. Louis strikes the perfect balance, providing structure and safety for teens without the embarrassment of being dropped off for the dance by Mom or Dad.

The following questions and answers reflect some of the most common queries about teen limousine service in St. Louis:

Corporate Transportation strictly prohibits underage consumption of alcohol, in accordance with state and federal regulations. Before teens are permitted to enter one of our limousines or St. Louis party buses, our Chauffeurs will inspect their bags for any alcohol. If alcohol is discovered in the vehicle during the trip, the vehicle will be pulled over, and parents will be called to pick up the teen.

Parents are welcome to act as a chaperone to groups of teens on prom night. If you reserve a St. Louis party bus, an adult is required to act as a chaperone during the trip. You are also welcome to provide Corporate Transportation with an approved itinerary for the evening, which we will carefully follow. No additional stops will be made without your express permission.

To protect the safety of our prom passengers, Corporate Transportation St. Louis limousine service requires that all passengers be added to the St. Louis limo or party bus contract at least 24 hours in advance. Individuals who are not on the guest list will not be permitted to enter the vehicle.

Many parents and students find that sharing a limousine among friends is a great option! Parents enjoy the reduced cost of sharing the bill, while teens get to spend time with their friends. Corporate Transportation’s St. Louis party buses can accommodate as many as 41 students, while our classic stretch limos typically seat between 8-12 safely.

Reserve Your St. Louis Limo for Prom

For most students, prom only comes once or twice in a lifetime. That’s all the more reason to ensure a truly magical evening with limousine service in St. Louis and plenty of pictures of the big event. Prom is one of the most-popular evenings of the year for chauffeured transportation, so we recommend booking your trip well in advance. You can explore our availability online, or give us a call at (314) 423-1516.

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